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The production site

Stevia Natura

Stevia natura is a state-of-the-art factory located in Riom (France), 100% dedicated to the production of stevia extracts (E960a), with the best and most recent quality standards

Stevia Natura ensures that its stevia leaves are grown, dried, packaged and extracted using sustainable and environmentally friendly methods and techniques.

Stevia Natura has a laboratory equipped with HPLC chains, and with a unique method guarantees high quality and purity of steviol glycosides in our extracts.

Our forces ?

Expert in his field since 2006

Extraction and purification

R&D laboratory for process improvement

Unique HPLC laboratory quality control

Stevia extract production: a clean 2-step process

At Stevia Natura, we extract and purify in particular Rebaudioside A which is the main steviol glycoside contained in stevia leaves

Steviol glycosides are water-soluble molecules.

Extraction is done by infusion in hot water followed by elimination of impurities. This process increases the concentration of steviol glycosides by up to 90%: this is “crude”.

The purification step consists of obtaining a high purity stevia leaf extract from the crude, with 2 objectives:
  • comply with EU regulations (min. 95% purity)
  • give a sweeter taste

The detail process for Stevial® extracts production

Stevia dried leaves

Hot water infusion


Cristallisation in alcohol



Laboratory analysis

STG 95
Reb A 60
Reb A 80
Reb A 98

Traceable origin of stevia and
targeted sourcing


From seeds to finished products, Stevia Natura traces the origin and rigorously controls the quality of its raw materials. Our products come from multiple origins, from South America, Asia, Madagascar, and locally from Greece and Morocco.


Stevia Natura has developed solid, long-term partnerships for more than 10 years for its supply of raw materials It ensures stock security and a regular supply of high quality.

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