STEVIAL ® | The other stevia.

Our vision - our mission - our values

Our vision

Consumers are calling on companies to take initiatives for a better world. They are looking for local, natural, reassuring and sustainable products. To respond to this, alternative designs, challenges and strategic partnerships are required.

To drive this evolution, everything starts with the creation of more sustainable plant sectors, short and fair circuits. This is the starting point of the Stevial® brand coupled with industrial know-how and know-how serving a range of natural sweeteners from the Stevia plant.

Our mission

What makes us unique is our 100% European Stevia sector which meets the expectations of consumers wishing to actively contribute to local initiatives. Our role is to convince committed companies to make this sector local and sustainable together.

Our values

Positive force for change

At STEVIAL, we are a positive force for change by contributing to building short supply chain and share of value throughout it. We strive to providing local sourcing, at a more equitable distribution of value.

Thinking like a Pioneer

Since 2006, with passion, we have helped a Greek cooperative to believe again in stevia crop. As a pioneer, we put in place an European sourcing, a short-supply chain, and a production in France.

Having a spirit of partnership

We aim to be a close and committed partner, and transparency at the heart

Being reliable

We know our strengths, all together they allow us to be reliable: in quality, in consistency, in safety, in security of supply.

Keeping agile

Nous sommes agiles et nous nous efforçons de le rester. L’agilité est une qualité d’une entreprise à taille humaine (une PME), très réactive et adaptable.

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