STEVIAL ® | The other stevia.


MARCH 12, 13 AND 14, 2024

Discover or rediscover Stevial at CFIA Rennes

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Our mission, to offer natural and sustainable sweetening solutions from stevia

Positive force for change

Thinking like a Pioneer

Having a spirit of partnership

Being reliable

Keeping agile

Discover Stévial, European specialist in stevia ingredients.

Discover the Stevial® Program project platform that underpins our uniqueness

Choosing Stevial® means contributing to local investment and collaborative innovation, which are at the heart of our commitment.

Our actions are founded around 3 strong pillars – people, territories and vegetal potential – which we promote wherever possible.

Our role is to encourage end users to take advantage of our networks in ways that, working together, we consistently maximise local development sustainably.

Our strengths, another model

Local, fair trade and reliable Stevia sweetening solutions

An alternative vision and a commitment to developing short, fair circuits.

The complementary expertise of the three partners provides reliable, agile know-how.

They testify about Stevial®

Applications of Stevial ​​ingredients

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